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What Type of Pest Control is Best for Your Home or Office?

Generally most people have one concern when shopping for a pest control service - getting rid of bugs. Now there are choices in the type of service and the results that are promised or guaranteed. When choosing a pest control service for your home or office, look for the company that fits your needs for both killing the bugs and your lifestyle.

Once A Year  
  • Service your home once a year. Guaranteed for 12 months.
  • More convenient for the busy woman with a hectic schedule. Less time consuming - only one visit to your home a year.
  • Cost per year normally less expensive than monthly service.
  • Under normal circumstances, compound application one time a year.
  • More comprehensive technique applied creating longer lasting effect on controlling pests. Normally taking 1 - 1½ hours.
  • Service each month.
  • Creates problems in scheduling monthly appointments for working women.
  • Cost based on monthly spraying usually more expensive.
  • Compound applied each month (12 times per year to your home).
  • Repetitive surface application normally taking 10 - 15 minutes each.

Bug Blasters Pest Control offers an annual service. We only need to schedule one appointment a year with you - and that is much easier on your busy schedule. Plus we give you a twelve month guarantee against Roaches,Ants, Silverfish and Mice inside your home. If you see any bugs inside your home within a year, we come back - absolutely free. A perimeter yard spray is also included in this service when the initial service is done which helps in controlling spiders and other pests outside the home.

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